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How To Handle A Hit And Run Crime

Have you been accused of a Hit & Run crime? The term Hit & Run invokes terrifying visions of running over pedestrians, serious criminal charges, and lengthy jail sentences. While this obviously can be the situation at times, it is not always the case.

A common Hit and Run incident involves damage to property such as rear ending or side swiping someone’s vehicle and leaving the scene without providing the required information. This crime is covered under Vehicle Code section 20002. This crime typically has a lower jail sentence than a Hit and Run charge that is accusing personal injury to a person, which is covered by Vehicle Code section 20001. Both charges have the potential for dramatic penalties including DMV action against your license. Additionally, if the alleged injury that occurred was a serious, permanent injury or a death, Vehicle Code section 20001 will be charged as a felony which has far more drastic repercussions including the potential for a prison sentence.

A skilled Hit and Run attorney can reach a very favorable resolution in your criminal case including resolutions that can do away with potential jail time or being convicted all together and DMV resolutions that restore your right to drive. Contact The Law Office of Samuel T. Daw in Sonoma County today for a free discussion of the options that you have today.